Diavik Diamond Mine Inc

Lac De Gras, Northwest Territories, Canada
September 1999 - October 2000

Engaged to prepare a tender process plan and document review for the projects construction and permanent accommodation camps. The works were undertaken taking into consideration and the involvement of the local indigenous community, services included:

  • Scope of works and tender schedules.
  • Submit recommendations and review current operations.
  • Prepare and compile the scope of works, specifications and tender schedules taking into consideration a sole sourced reimbursable contract.
  • Compile performance measurement and monitoring procedures.
  • Assistance in the implementation of the bidding process and performance monitoring and management procedures.
  • Undertake tender negotiations with the JV catering company.
  • Review and recommend design changes for the projects permanent accommodation facility.
  • Undertake factory inspections in Edmonton for the supply and installation of accommodation buildings and support infrastructure.